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Anthony Dickson’s


“There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.”

—Aldo Leopold      

Though it is a truly meditative appreciation for the outdoors, the essence of hunting is often lost in a mixture of portrayals and contrived situations.  Line of Sight aims to deliver our faithful perception of the outdoor experience through hunting, and will restore an authentic feeling of what it means to be an outdoorsman.

meet our host,


An encyclopedia of wisdom imparted through the stories of one man: our lead host, Anthony, has an extensive portfolio of credentials and proven successes in various aspects of hunting.

Given Anthony’s track record of successfully guiding deer, bear, moose, turkey and caribou hunts for various sportsmen and women, it comes as no surprise to those who have hunted with him to also find out he is a multi-award winning game calling champion, whose credits include:

— 2 Canadian deer calling championships

— 2 Canadian turkey calling championships

— 1 Canadian moose calling championship

— 1 Canadian elk calling championship

— 2nd in the world moose calling championship for two consecutive years

Properly justified by his skill and experience in the outdoor industry, Anthony speaks with a warm and enlightening tone that any current or aspiring outdoorsman or woman will naturally find engaging.

With over 40 years of experience as an outdoorsman, the last 10 of which Anthony has been taking on a new, additional challenge: field producing his adventures for outdoor television programs. Included on his production list are:

- Brotherhood of the Hunt

- Hitmen Canada

- The Specialists

- Crossbow Magazine TV

An avid big game hunter, Anthony has also been fortunate enough to harvest trophy animals that qualify for:

- Boone and Crockett Club

- Pope and Young Club

- Safari Club International

Anthony keeps his archery skills sharp in the off season and has participated in many 3D archery competitions—with wins in both Bow hunter Unlimited and scoped crossbow divisions.


“Go afield with a good attitude, with respect for the wildlife you hunt and for the forest and fields in which you walk. Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person.”

—Fred Bear    

Deep down, every hunter knows that there is more to hunting than the kill. Even aside from the skill of hunting itself; there is an authentic experience in awakening with the sun and the surrounding creatures, answering the call to our primal heritage.


Our show, Line of Sight, aims to tackle the conventions of most outdoor television programs with a heightened sense of professionalism while simultaneously adding a tranquil tone that accurately represents the ‘outdoor experience’—a sensation that will inspire outdoorsmen and women to want to go out into the bush immediately following watching one of our episodes.


We will take small and calculated steps in every aspect of our upcoming show, striving to air only the absolute highest in cinematic quality that captures the vastness of the hunting experience.

meet our videographer,


An award-winning filmmaker,Tanner is also rich with experience in producing outdoor television programs. He got his start in outdoor videography during season four of Hitmen Canada and season one of The Specialists.

Tanner and Anthony have partnered together on a number of projects for television, and in each one Tanner is just as committed to the success of the hunt as Anthony.Whether it be cooking in the hot desert sun, being eaten alive by blackflies during spring season, or freezing in a winter storm: Tanner is always ready to get that perfect shot.

Due to his background in narrative and documentary film production,Tanner will not settle for anything less than the absolute highest in cinematic quality.


For our first season of Line of Sight we aim to produce 7 full-length episodes featuring only our host, Anthony Dickson as the primary character of the show.


It is our plan to have our show exist on both web based video on demand and conventional television platforms. On demand platforms allow a range of technical freedom including (but not limited to)varying run times,so we may edit our episodes in a waythat they are aesthetically paced to engage ourviewers attention and further interest.


As it stands we are planning hunts for both popular domestic and exotic game species for upcoming episodes

Style & Tone

While drawing on influences from many of the leaders in the outdoor television industry, line of sight will be produced in our own unique and distinctive style. Driving the narrative with a consistent, engaging, non-visual (voice over) style of in-field commentary. Our research has shown this to create a much more pleasing viewing experience than removing the viewer from the hunt to tell him or her about the hunt.


Couple this with cinematic ally aesthetic visuals, well paced edits and professionally seamless post-production sound mixing and we feel that we have a winning formula.


Rather than having a long list of sponsors fund our show we are committed to the idea of taking our time to assemble a small group of compatible partners to join us in this endeavour.


By fostering relationships with a more exclusive group of sponsors we can carefully tend to their individual advertising needs while at the same time remaining true to our shows style and tone.


This ideal partnership would exist in a collaborative relationship.We hope that our potential partner would see the benefit of more subtle in-show advertising methods, a unique visual style and our multiple avenues of distribution.


Feel free to contact us to chat so we can properly explain our modern approach to outdoor TV!

We look forward to hearing from you in the future.





(519) 802 7844

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